About Us

We are passionate about all things guitars.

The Guitar Den was founded in 1998 when the Sunshine Coast really started to find itself. We grew up alongside the community, repairing, servicing and sharing our passion for guitars with everyone who walked into our store.

We treat every guitar that enters and leaves our store as if it was our own, always taking pride in our work whether it be lessons, repairs or offering that personal response to our customers.

Whatever you are after, we can help. We sell the finest brands of new and used guitars, handpicked by our professional staff.

We also offer full guitar repairs from setups to restrings to structural repairs.

For over 20 years we have been providing Sunshine Coast locals with guitar lessons from our amazing guitarists. Our whole philosophy is based around giving students structure and benchmarks while making the lessons motivational and enjoyable.

We offer lessons to every skill level from complete beginner to seasoned veterans. So come down to The Guitar Den for a chat and pick up a guitar for a strum.