New And Used Guitars

Supplying quality new, used and vintage guitars on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years.

Guitar Store

Looking for a great present for that special someone?

Check out the guitars we have in stock right now. You might just find what you are looking for and at an incredible price.

As well as some beautiful acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars we have a range of electric 6 strings and bass guitars as well. All styles.

All the accessories you would ever need are also in store, Strings, picks, tuners, and more.

The gift of a guitar goes way beyond the physical present. It changes people and can change their life and yours for the better.

See you in-store. We can help you choose what is ideal for who you have in mind and within your budget.

Guitar Lessons

For 20 years we have been providing Sunshine Coast locals with guitar lessons from our amazing guitarist teachers.

We offer lessons for every skill level from complete beginner to seasoned veterans.

Our whole philosophy is based around giving students structure and benchmarks while making the lessons motivational and enjoyable.

Two equipped teaching studios are located in store. Our staff always encourage unique needs, musical goals and any reasons for wanting to learn the guitar.

Get tuition with the style of music that you want to learn to play! Here at the Guitar Den, our lessons are tailored to your individual needs. 

Start learning guitar today and give us a call. 

We are happy to help you.

Guitar Repairs

The Guitar Den can offer you an extensive repair and maintenance service to keep your instruments playing and sounding its best.

Doesn’t matter if you are a touring musician, bedroom rocker or super keen beginner, The Guitar Den will meet your requirements from a basic repair to a complete setup or a full overhaul.

Our guitar workshop specialises in high quality servicing, setups, modifications and structural repairs. Whilst in-store your instrument is being treated with the same respect as if it were our own.

All instore purchases include a complete guitar setup as part of the purchase price.  Save yourself over $100 and buy your next guitar at the Den

Still Rockin' After
25 Years

We are passionate about all things to do with guitars.

The Guitar Den was founded in 1998 when the Sunshine Coast really started to find itself. We grew up alongside the community, repairing, servicing and sharing our passion with everyone who walked into our store.

We treat every guitar that enters and leaves our store as if it was our own, always taking pride in our work whether it be lessons, repairs or purchases. 

We treat all guitar owners and owners-to-be with the respect they deserve, giving free, honest, advice to help you in your music journey.

Whatever you are after, we can help. We sell the finest brands of new and used guitars handpicked by our professional staff.

 So come down to The Guitar Den for a chat and pick up a guitar for a strum.